Michael Sveistrup — a Designer & Developer based in Denmark. Currently looking for new work opportunities. Previously at Server Pro Sweden and Miracle Mobile.

13 line icons designed for the GitTV tvOS app.

Git Icons — GitTV

For GitTV, a tvOS app I'm making.

Two browser windows stacked on top of each other.

Focus Browser — Free Download

A minimalistic browser putting focus on the website.
Get Figma File.

A card displaying a Pull Request from Github.

Pull Request Card — GitTV

For GitTV, a tvOS app I'm making.

A browser window displaying a gaming related website called Arcadio.

Game Details — Arcadio

Part of a webapp that I’m currently making. Arcadio.app.

A screenshot of the calendar from an iOS workout app.

Workout Calendar — CorpusApp

Workout app designed for a school project in 2016.

An application launcher window concept for the Atom code editor.

Atom Launcher Package

Package concept from 2018 that adds a macOS native-like launcher to the Atom code editor.

A screenshot of the files manager screen from Server.pro.

File Manager — Server.pro

A screen from redesign of Server.pro.

An icon showing the text 'Thanks'.

One More Thing...

Thanks for visiting. I have more I want to show, but I don’t want to bloat the site.

I’ve made a .zip containing more of my work. Take a look.

All the best,

The signature of Michael Sveistrup.
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